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Travel Guide: How To Obtain The Moroccan Visa With A Ghanaian Passport

Morocco is a travel hotspot located in the Northern Africa. Whether you’re drawn to the busy streets of Marrakech, calm ambience of Essaouira or adventures of the Sahara desert, Morocco has something for every type of traveler.

P.S: We are available to assist with visa applications for groups of friends, couples, families or solo travelers hoping to skip the hassle of applying independently. For private consultation, whatsapp/ call here or email


I took a trip to Morocco in June, 2019 and after countless queries on how to obtain a visa to the North African country, here’s a detailed blogpost on all you need to know about obtaining the Moroccan Visa for Ghanaian Passport holders. The Visa is one of the easiest I have obtained. It took seven (7) working days in total to get it.

Five (5) Easy Steps To Obtaining The Visa

  1. Set a date for your trip

  2. Examine the list of requirements for visa application (I elaborate on each item below)

  • A Valid Passport 

  • Photocopy of Passport (all passport pages required)

  • Two (2) passport size pictures

  • Introductory Letter

  • Bank Statements (six months)

  • Pay Slips (past three Months)

  • Flight & Hotel Reservation

  • Travel Insurance

  • Completed Visa Application Form 

  • Certified copy of birth certificate by a commissioner of oaths [updated Aug, 2022]

3. Submit documents to Consulate 

4. Schedule a Visa Interview

5. Pick up your Passport and Visa


The Visa Fee for obtaining a Moroccan Visa with a Ghanian Passport is GHS 162 ($21)

There are no hidden/additional charges 

Description of Requirements

  • A Valid Passport 

The first, most important requirement in successfully obtaining a visa for your travels is to have a valid passport. This means that your passport must be minimum 6 months away from its expiration date. 

  • Photocopy of Passport (all passport pages required)

The Moroccan consulate requires a photocopy of all passport pages for visa applications. This means your bio data, all visas granted and immigration stamps issued must be photocopied and submitted.

  • Two passport size pictures

Must be clear, identical and clean.

  • Introductory Letter 

As part of the requirements, you will be required to submit a formal letter introducing yourself to the consulate, explaining why you require a visa to visit the Kingdom of Morocco. It will be useful to share your itinerary and activities enlisted for your trip in here.

For salaried workers, this letter can be obtained from your HR Department Address to:

The Consular,

Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco

Accra, Ghana. 

  • Bank Statement

Must be within a minimum of six (6) months duration. It must be printed and stamped by your bank.

  • Pay Slips 

These must span three (3) consecutive months from the date of submission.

  • Flight & Hotel Reservation 

The consulate requires a submission of confirmed flight itineraries and hotel reservations as part of the application process.Find below resources I used in my application for both requirements:

  1. Hotel Reservation -

  2. Flight Itinerary - (for 24hr+ hold on flight tickets without payment)

  • Travel Insurance

You can obtain travel insurance from any licensed, reputable insurance company in Ghana for all your travels at a small fee.

  • Completed Visa Application Form

This is perhaps the most important document to be submitted as it communicates in entirety, what you require off the consulate. The visa application form can be found online at or picked up from the Embassy’s reception at cantonments, in Accra.

Note: Opening hours for visa application submissions is from 9:30 am - 11:00 am every weekday.

Best of luck in your applications!

And as always, if you find these pointers useful in your visa application/ travel planning, be sure to drop a comment below or send an email to with your feedback. I'll love to hear from you!


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