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The Lou Moon Experience, Western Ghana

The westernmost part of Ghana is renowned for many things. Primarily, stunning sandy beaches, mouthwatering fish meals and a general sense of calmness that leaves the residents of the capital especially, looking westward every chance we get.

Same can be said for me and my intimate group of women travelers on the weekend of May 01! As workers who'd toiled the first quarter of the year plus a month more, every single one of us looked forward to the relaxedness the Lou Moon Experience was ready to offer us.

The Journey Begins....

Nearly an hour after check-in at the Kotoka International Airport, our Africa World Airlines flight touched down in Takoradi! Our expectations for the next three (3) days was at an all time high and our excitement matched that.

Having pre-arranged private transportation, we were picked up by Paa Kwesi, our companion and guide for the first leg of the trip. He'd thrill us with the warmest smile, an upbeat playlist to get our moods right and useful tips and information about the region.

Pumped and ready for every bit of the Lou Moon experience ahead, we took a quick tour of the city centre; a drive through the Takoradi Market Circle, wine-shopped at the Takoradi Mall and got ready to embark on a two (2) hour road trip to Beyin, where Lou Moon Resort is located.

Touch Down, Lou Moon Resort!

Magnificently overlooking the bay right next to the Beyin community is Lou Moon Eco-Luxury Resort. The unmistakable cool breeze from the ocean meets you right at the entrance, while you drive in welcomed by lush green trees and hedges. The staff of Lou Moon- ever warm and welcoming, met us and ushered us into the reception area.

With a bar to the right, open dining area to the left (Image 1 above) and an archery next to the dining area, first impressions of the resort left us even more excited than ever before. The Lou Moon welcome is fully completed with an offer of freshly squeezed fruit juice to calm tired nerves, and offer your tastebuds an official introduction for what's to come!

Three Days Of Indulgence.

Our itinerary for The Lou Moon Experience was simpler than most, with a central focus on relaxation and indulgence. As much as possible the experience was curated to bring us all of the luxuries the resort could afford us, interspersed with a dash of adventure, adrenaline-spiking activities and cultural/ historic exploration.

We had a two-course lunch meal shortly after settling in, followed by an elaborate four-course welcome dinner with enough chatter, laughter and warmth to fill up the entire community of Axim and officially kickstart a weekend of blissful vacation living and sisterly magic!

And as has become signatory to the Shesuthman Travel Experiences, the scented candles, aromatherapy oils and incenses were out in full swing to ensure that our guests had the most peaceful and rejuvenating night rest.

With the sound of the ocean right next-door, soothing music on shuffle, glasses of wine here and there and rooms overtaken by fragrances, the promise of relaxation and utter indulgence was almost nearly fulfilled. And with that, we officially drew down the curtain on Day 1 of The Lou Moon Experience.

A Trail of Discovery.

The resort offers lodging guests a host of interesting activities to engage their wanderlust and to keep them informed about some of the important monuments and happenings in and around the community. From guided hiking activities, organized trips to sites such as the Cape 3 Point Light House, Fort Apollonia/ Fort Benyin & Nzulezu, Lou Moon offers these touring activities in addition to sporting games, board games for in-house use and beach activities. Note: All activities and games enlisted end at 6pm GMT each day.

We kickstarted our day of adventure in the company of a very warm, knowledgeable guide who doubled us our local plug, friend and tutor for the most of the day's adventures. We, in the company of two other endearing guests, hiked up to the topmost point in Beyin where the hills overlooked the stunning coastline of the Lou Moon bay. On the journey, we discovered and learned about rubber, pineapple and cassava plantations, wine brewing in Nzema land and listened to traditional tales of spirit-gods of the wild-forest. We also had the opportunity to ask questions and acquire in-depth knowledge about that part of the country.

Our guide; himself an Nzema and an indigene of the land shared with us anecdotal experiences of life on that coast of Axim and helped us better appreciate the place for which we have journeyed. It was such an enlightening morning for us.

The Idyllic Island Cape Villa!

It is one thing lodging at a beautiful resort enveloped by the richness of greenery, cool breeze and sights of a dreamy ocean bay, and an entirely different level of gratification when your experience of the location is situated on the most picturesque island with a paradisal villa, full-on view of the Axim coastline, a private pool and access to a warm, hospitable butler on call.. The Shesuthman Experience leaves no stone unturned.

The girlies just wanna have some (uninterrupted, soul-freeing) fun indeed!! After full days of adventure, exploration and fine-dining, you'd want to retire to a place of privacy, intimacy and uninhibited travel-fueled joy! Luckily, we had this private Island cape villa to offer all that and then some!

Nzulezu Stilt Village

What's more? We had the opportunity to visit the infamous Nzulezu community located in the Jomoro district of Ghana. A UNESCO World Heritage, the village on stilt has existed long before the existence of Ghana as we know it now.

We visited, learned the history of the migration of the indigenes of the village, listened to their life's tales and learnt valuable lessons on the importance of humanizing tourist destinations home and away. Nzulezu though was a heavy trip for all of the girlies, was an intentional addition to the itinerary that saw the group having a new appreciation travel experiences that is all-encompassing and educative.

Beach Activities

Buckle up travelers, it's time to take on some wild waves! Our list of beach indulgence were limitless on this day. From swimming in the ocean, through boat cruising amidst intense currents to kayaking, we brought all the party to beach time at The Lou Moon Experience. And in the best of care, our sailor guide taught us a few skills, encouraged us to take on the waves and even joined in on the fun at some point. LOL!! Beach time truly makes for the best of travel times & bonding.

What better way to wrap up a weekend of unadulterated vacation living than with an elaborate, intimate dinner, drinks, bubble baths and hour-long night time massages to the sound of crashing waves. WE DID (ALL OF) THAT!


Debriefing Session - The Lou Moon Experience

Read below, excerpts of a debriefing session with Vicky about The Lou Moon Experience:

Q: What was your expectation coming into the very first 'Travel With Me' travel experience with Shesuthman?

A: I've always been a thalassophile, so Lou Moon had always been on my bucket list. When I realized Shesuthman was making a trip there, I definitely knew I was going with her. Honestly, I've always admired Shesuthman for the appreciation of herself, love for life and nature... so I was open to every bit and piece of the entire trip!

Q: Were there any surprises?

A: Surprises??? So many of them.

First, I was blown away when I realized our chalet was one of those on the island! In fact the biggest of them all! Not to mention our chalet had a private pool and a butler! I couldn't contain my excitement, I kept taking a tour of the place just to be sure it was all real LOL! Then came the gift boxes with all the goodies and handwritten notes?? I mean how cool is that?

Q: Any favorite moments you'd like to share?

A: Mmm.. I have a number of favorite moments. My excitement when I first saw our chalet, the morning hike and the welcome dinner with our cute heels and nice dresses too!

Q: What has been your biggest takeaway from The Lou Moon Experience?

A: Definitely the level of detailing of the entire trip. There was never a point I didn't feel in tune with myself and emotions. The drive to Axim, I love road trips especially with great company, good music and that was served. Waking up by the ocean, breathing and getting lost in your thoughts by the ocean. The FOOOOOOOOOOOD! The late night massage outside, hearing the waves at night... I could go on and on.

Shesuthman really outdid herself with this one.

Q: What's your general feeling about the trip and what message do you have for future patronizers of the Shesuthman Travel Experiences?

A: If you are looking for an immersive travel experience- scenery, food, tours, photography and so much more? Shesuthman is your girl trust me. She will definitely exceed whatever expectations you have. Full stop.


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