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Five (5) Unmissable Things about Nairobi

The more I have journeyed outside of my home and comfort, the more I have come to appreciate this simple truth about places (cities) in this context; all cities have unique personalities. Some more coy than others, others with character the size of three (read Lagos!) and some with the subtle charm of a distant friend you had no memory of until you met, like Accra.

And the ones that remind you of home in the most mundane ways yet endearing in the most unfamiliar ways, like Nairobi! Quite like the portrayal of its character in the Netflix hit show "La Casa De Papel", Nairobi is that city loved dearly by all of her compatriots. Nairobi shows up; for friends and foes alike. And most notably, Nairobi is never to be forgotten.

In this post, I share five (5) unmissable things about Kenya's Capital, Nairobi!

Nairobi is COLD!

Coming from West Africa with temperatures ranging 31-23 degrees at night, your entry into Nairobi will undoubtedly have you reaching for your blanket/pullover/ cardigan for comfort. The city is cold and can get even colder from June to August where temperatures fall further to about 13 degrees.

Nairobi is that city loved dearly by all of her compatriots. Nairobi shows up; for friends and foes alike. And most importantly, Nairobi is never to be forgotten.

Much to the characterization of the city itself, residents in Nairobi are nicknamed "Nairobians"!

This might be one of the coolest facts about life in the vibrant, diverse, unique city of Nairobi! Nairobians have unique names for their city, the night life, in-side jokes about pretty much everything from food, art, culture etc., lots of warm regards to go around and an abundance of appreciation for the finer things of life.

Nairobians (and Kenyans) drive on the right side of the road

Now this is a major culture shock for most people visiting from countries that drive on the left! Ghana, Nigeria. UK are all notorious for driving on what Kenyans refer to as the "wrong" side of the road. LOL! Get it? right? Wrong?.... ha!

You get used to it after a few days but still stay away from behind the wheel because your first uber ride from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport will have you like.....

Nairobians can PARTY!!

In actual fact, that's not a party/ night out you've been invited to, that's an all-nighter and you best put on your best shoes 'cause you just might end up dancing them off until 5 in the morning! If you happen to be from a city that is known to party hard, you may feel most at home in Nairobi.

High chances, you'll learn a thing or two about just how much liquor your body can hold in. Nairobi nights will serve you right; great music, enough liquor, ladies room banter, great vibes all-round and the rest of the night is yours to make of it as you will!


You read right. Unlike many urban cities where open spaces and green spaces tend to be scarce (Nairobians have said this is changing fast), the city has a lot of open spaces and parks for recreational purposes. An add-on is the simple fact that there is inadvertently always something fun to look forward to in the city; day time bars, casual hangouts, Giraffe Feeding, Arts Gallery stops and events! Nairobi offers so much if you're up for it!

Do you have Nairobi, Kenya on your bucket list?

What are your expectations for this East African city? Share with me in the comments and safe travels when you go!


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