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Travel Tips: Road Trip Essentials

Over the past seven (7)+ months since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, the travel industry has undergone major changes for what could be interpreted as better or worse, depending on which end of the spectrum you sit.

As a result of these changes and a growing collective sense to keep safe and well, a lot of travelers are relying on local tourism until a time when it is deemed relatively safer to venture out, on international travel again.

A direct consequence of this has been a surge in road trips/day trips/staycations, as ways to keep all of our travel bugs alive while also exploring the perks of our homelands/regions.

A lot of travelers are relying on local tourism until a time when it is deemed relatively safer to venture out, on international travel again.

In this blogpost, i share a list of my road-trip essentials and the purpose they serve in ensuring i have the best of travel times while on the road. 

1. Car documents: Keep copies of diver’s license, registration documents, insurance policy and all other relevant documents for road safety & regulation checks.

2. Safety-kit & Tools: Have a spare tyre and jack, triangle, fire extinguisher & flashlight for night time visibility and other possible emergencies.

3. Music! : An offline music playlist will set the mood for your road-trip even if you wander off into areas with weak internet signals.

4. E-maps: Download Google maps (offline version) For guided, easy navigation. Offline versions allow you save all routes for use with internet connectivity.

5. Plug-outs: Headphones, earplugs and books (audio or print) make for the best zone out buddies. You get to fully unplug and take a much needed break.  

6. Portable charging kit: Travel adaptors, power banks and other less bulky electronic charging kits help keep your devices powered on the go.

7. Sanitary Items: Sanitizing wipes and towels, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers, nose masks etc are crucial in our current climate in helping to reduce risk of infection while traveling.

8: First-Aid kit x Personal medicine

Pack an emergency health kit as well as personal medicine in the event of any health emergencies while away from home. 

9. Snacks x Drinks!: Nothing screams road-trip than a good stocking of snacks and food! Stock up on your favorite munchies, crisps and drinks to keep up the energies for your road trip!

10. Refillable water bottle: Keep a refillable / reusable water bottle to stay hydrated on the road while simultaneously reducing waste from plastics and saving the environment! 

Love a double win situation!

11. Sunglasses, Hats, Sunscreen: Pack a couple of sunglasses, hats, comfortable shoes and sunscreen! These are handy options to looking chic while adventure-seeking. 

12: Camera & Tripod: A powered camera, phone and a portable tripod stand will help you create and capture all the beautiful moments on your road-trip!

Don't forget to let me know if you find any of these essentials useful in your travel planning. Leave a comment below or send an email to with your feedback/experience. I would love to hear from you!


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